Who’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ The Best? MPHO or John Forté?

This Battle of The Beats is centered on a certain Kate Bush song, whom contemporary Soul singers have claimed as a great source for reinterpretation. We all know what Maxwell was able to do with "This Woman's Work," and earlier this year, a quite-busy-since-his-jail-release John Forté took Kate's "Running Up That Hill" and put an urban-folk rock twist on it that is my favorite of his new joints thus far. Remaining more true to the original is British artist MPHO whose eclectic, bright, and bouncy songs from her forthcoming debut album Pop Art is in stark contrast to the way she handles this song. Since I like both these versions equally, I figured I'd let you, dear readers, decide upon which one of these versions is your favorite. Let us know in the comments, and be sure to peep John Forté's version after the bounce in case you missed it. Thanks to Audio Diva for the tip.

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4 Responses

  1. Black folks love Ms. Kate Bush, count me among them. Natalie Cole has a stirring version of "Man With the Child in His Eyes" from '06's "Leavin," but most of these covers don't change the originals too much. Personally, I like Kate's & the covers.-QH

  2. Well, this is really hard. I'm fiercely loyal to the Kate Bush original, but both of these sound great. I'll go with the Forte version only 'cause it sounds different from Bush.

  3. Forte's version is pure bliss, the beat is banging his lyrics are on point, thats what they call real hip hop. I mean what more do you want?

  4. really feeling both...think I'll lean on the side of MPHO's version a lot more though...