Chrisette Michele Takes On Legend, Badu, Baker


Chrisette Michele is currently on tour with Maxwell, and if you have yet to see her live, then it would behoove you to do so. Take it from me that she puts on a killer show. She has great stage presence and that voice? Lawd, that voice is an incredible instrument. Concertgoers in Connecticut got to hear just how incredible when she stopped through there recently and gave them a treat while singing "If I Had My Way," from her debut disc, I Am. During the song she explained how she sings the song in the shower and went on to do impressions of John Legend, Erykah Badu and Anita Baker. Her impression of Badu was spot on. Press play below to get into it and enjoy this moment.      

Chrisette Michele: "If I Had My Way" Live in Connecticut

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  1. I thought her impression of Anita was more SPOT ON.

  2. Reminds me of when Betty Wright would do impressions of other singers in concert.

  3. Last year she did impressions of r.kelly, kci and joj and she was offf the hook..She is a great live act.

  4. Sooo talented and funny. You're right, Anita was spot on. Another great act is Malina Moye ( who played with Robin Thicke and is coming thru with D'Angelo. Go Chrisette, go! Some great talent in the rankz.

  5. I was having CHUUCH when she did this on the Anthony Hamilton tour. She hits both Anita and Badu spot on!

  6. I was there in Ct that nite..She sounds great live.. and she was funny too.. and then Killed it with a reinterpretation of her own song If I had my way off her first cd. She is truly talented artist- Well deserving of the praise she's receiving.. If you haven't purchased her new CD, you should..Blame it On Me, Notebook..great songs.. Trying to catch her at the Summer Spirit Festival in MD too..i

  7. I saw her do the impressions in Atlanta on tour with Musiq and Anthony Hamilton. THE GUL IS BAAAAAAD!!

  8. Saw her at the El Rey in Los Angeles. Went out and bought I AM again!! She deserves so much more acclaim. I do think she made a misstep with Epiphany, though....

  9. I don't think Epiphany is that bad. Ok, it's not I AM and there is the Ne-Yo factor, but it's one of the best releases of 2009.

  10. Chrisette wowed London's Jazz Cafe last night, here's a clip of her doing her Legend, Badu and Baker impressions !

  11. #confession while spending a little over a year on federal timeout...i fell in love with Chrisette via my one piece of contraband, my little mp3 player... and this, was the song that did it... she is one of the doper vocalists currently doing it... imho...

  12. Oh I have this on video from her show here in NYC @ B.B. King's. She was ON POINT!

  13. hey, can i get this in mp3 please.. thx

  14. Where did you get the audio from?

  15. I thank you for writing the amazing song in the music world . I thank you should had won a grammy this year !!!!!!!!!!


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