Drake Parody Is The ‘Best’ We Never Got

Now this is more like it. A Drake video for "Best I Ever Had" that I can get down with. I mean, sure it's not really Drake in this parody of the clip for his single, but really, I wish it was. Especially since he and director Kanye West claimed they just wanted to have fun with it. The actor, Iman Crosson, better known as "Alphacat," has also done much-acclaimed parodies of President Obama as well. All in fun, he says. He wants everyone to know that "this video was NOT made to make fun of Drake's recent knee injury. I was working on this video a week before he got injured. This video was ONLY to poke fun at the bad reviews of his video, "Best I Ever Had." Hey man, it's cool. We love it. Keep 'em coming. Maybe the real Drake will take notes. *crossing fingers*

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5 Responses

  1. Ha, the hand gestures took the cake!

  2. This spoof is the biz-ness! It showed all the wit and intellect lacking in Drake's official clip. Drake is so overrated any-way but then that's a whole other issue...

  3. Nice! He kinda looks like Drake too.
    "When I grap the mic & spit, I oscillate my hand like this..." LMAO

  4. Hilarious! I'm glad he has someone else to imitate now. Build up his repertoire.

  5. funny - he's really stepped his parody game up....