How Long Are You Willing To Wait For Outkast?

outkast1.jpgDon't get me wrong, I love Outkast as much as the next Bouncer. However, when I repeatedly read that their new album is on the way and to be patient because it's going to be [enter hyperbole] I start to wonder how long is too long. In an interview with, Big Boi says more of the same:

"For all you Outkast lovers the album is coming. I'm tired of talking
about it and know y'all are tired of hearing me talk about it. But its
coming and the album is fire!"

Audiences held out for what felt like an eternity for Maxwell, sure, and rewarded his hiatus with sold-out concerts and high album sales. And surely if folks like D'Angelo (sigh) or Lauryn Hill (deep, exaggerated sigh) drop another album in the next millennium people will scoop them up with super quickness. It's been six years since Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Do you have faith that it wont be another few before Outkast makes a triumphant return? How long are you willing to wait?

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  1. I don't wait for anyone but Prince and Sade. Everyone else get a zshare download.
    Besides, I was never a Maxwell, D'Angelo, Outkast fan. Don't get me wrong, they are all great artists but I never purchased their albums. I just burned or copied from someone else.
    Lauryn Hill is a different story. I would buy her album with the quickness if it represented a modern Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
    At the end of the day, I'm not loyal to people I don't know. I don't have time to wait around for a CD that I'll be lucky to like a 1/4 of the songs on it i.e. Maxwell. Not worth it.

  2. LOL @ Sara! Tell 'em how you really feel.
    Anyway, although I am an OutKast fan, I won't hold my breath until the release a new album.

  3. As an Outkast fan, I feel like it really has been forever. But as long as the music is good whenever they do return, I'm good.

  4. does no one count idlewild. while yes half of it was the songs from their musical of the same name... the actual outkast tracks that we know outkast for are still hot to me anyway.
    i still love morris brown, idlewild blues, and hollywood divorce just to name a few. i thought the album was dope and adventurous. and has tided me over well while i wait.
    now with that said dre needs to hurry the phuck up caus big-boi said on JD's LTL on youtube that his part was finished and he was waiting on dre.
    i know you can't rush perfection or greatness but doesn't it go stale if you wait to long.
    i'm just saying.

  5. I am willing to wait for something great. However often times we see artists who hold back and wait for so long before putting out this talked about "spectacular" album that doesnt meet their own expectations...I guess waiting is our only option right?

  6. While in a perfect world with clouds made of diamond's we would get a new album everyday, I am appreciative of the fact they've both been sprinkling and showing up on remixes - so that'll hold me over. But yea within a year would be perfect timing. And I agree Idlewild was overlooked, sure it wasn't perfect or the typical -- but it was still better than most. My clock is at 365 days and counting...

  7. No. Idelwild does not count. Sorry.
    As I have been a fan of Outkast for quite a while, yes I will wait.
    My feeling is as soon as Big Boi's solo gets on the shelf, the machine will ramp up for the new 'Kast album. So I am not starting my clock until that album drops.

  8. Great art takes time. I'd rather wait for music that's inspired, well crafted, and memerable rather than hear the same cookie cutter lyrics and sound that we get from most.
    And yes, Idlewilde DOES count. They gave us a narrative album AND a movie!!! Come on now people, don't be so dismissive.
    *sigh* artists are so underappreciated.

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    I think Idlewild counts too..truly good music never gets old to me, soundtrack or no soundtrack. and like randall said, at the very least they've been popping up here and there on remixes and whatnot, which helps. a little. would be better if it was the two of them together, but i'm confident they'll be able to deliver. whenever that is.


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