Indulge In A Sensuous Suite For Michael Jackson

Marvelous_Magical_MJ_cover.jpgI love reworks. This is of course on the condition that they are good ones. With this in mind, I present Afta-1 and Cazeaux O.S.L.O.'s "Marvelous Magical Jacobious Son (A Sweaterless Suite)," described as "birthday gift for MJ...a gift for you." Imagine a sensual, groove-dominated, and vocally proper seven minutes of music whose roots are based in Michael Jackson's beloved songs yet result in your being taken on am audible journey. For those musical purists who prefer Michael's songs to be left alone, just give it a try. You may be surprised. For those who welcome the inevitability of change, you'll love it. [H/T: GD]

Afta-1 & Cazeaux O.S.L.O.: ""Marvelous Magical Jacobious Son (A Sweaterless Suite)"

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  1. Nice blog at Michael Jackson was a great pop star. I just read that the Texas Medical Board has restricted the doctor charged in Michael Jackson's death from administering the drug authorities say was responsible for killing the pop star.


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