Jackson 8 Tour Plans Reveals Janet > Her Brothers & Sisters

The world may have collectively wept during with the Jackson family while we all watched Michael Jackson's memorial funeral service, but now it seems that there may be a reason for some infighting amongst the tight-knit clan. Details about a future Jackson 8 tour have surfaced and apparently not all Jacksons are created equal according to the concert tour's promoters. Since Janet is being touted as the primary breadwinner, she would earn the most--four million dollars--provided she accepts the offer to tour. Reportedly, the brothers--Jermaine, Jackie, Randy, Marlon and Tito--whom the Daily Beast allege have not managed their money wisely, have the most to gain with 1.5 million dollars each. Interestingly, La Toya and Rebbie who have not exactly been capturing the interest of this or previous music-consuming generations, could fetch 500,000 and 250,000 dollars, respectively. Again, this is all dependent on baby sister Janet's interest in this outright strange combination of musical styles for a tour. Stay tuned to SoulBounce for future developments of the makings of something that may not even occur. More info in the video below.

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3 Responses

  1. The Jacksons are a role model of a family IMO. Joe raised each one from number One to Number Nine. And they are not the dope addled Debarges. They aren't perfect...but still. ANd they are black in their dispositions. We saw that home going -- so black. Please don't co-sign on the negative coverage coming from the MSM. Especially the Daily Beast -- Tina Brown is so anti-black culture it is not funny. Her bloggers can't even find a good thing to say about the "good" black Obama. So please don't site them as a source. And get off of the Jacksons' ass. I would never go to a reunion concert only because I'd cry through the whole thing missing Michael so much. STOP CO-SIGNING ON THE MSM'S JACKSON BASHING, SOULBOUNCE. That's not why I visit this site. Thank you.

  2. Rebbie? Really? Now I like 'Centipede' as much as the next 80's baby, but 250K for one song? That's still more than I'd pay LaToya, though.
    Janet, don't do it!!! TIto and nem would be on your (figurative) teet, begging you into the ground just like they did, girl!!

  3. Dimond makes me sick..why does anybody take her seriously! Her true colors have been revealed in her past :as the "jackson expert" .she isn't, but claims to be. She makes up whatever what she thinks sells ! SHUT THE PIE HOLE..Ms.Dimond or you ma find yourself in another lawsuit,.