Melanie Fiona Keeps It Real, Got Jokes

So yesterday I had a chance to meet newly minted SoulBounce fave Melanie Fiona while she made her rounds at 93.9 WKYS in Washington, DC. Prior to being interviewed, Melanie and radio personality EZ Street got into a heated discussion about men and lotion thanks to one of Stephon Marbury's random acts of lunacy, and it was all captured on video. This is only a portion of the borderline NSFW comedic exchange that jumped off between the men and the women in the studio, but it's enough to see just how crazy sexy cool Mel is as she goes toe-to-toe with EZ on the importance of men moisturizing their situations. Not only can she sing her face off and turn heads with her beauty, but Melanie Fiona is hilarious. Give this woman a variety show STAT.  

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8 Responses

  1. Melanie represents the T-Dot ALL DAY!!! Proud of her!

  2. That's funny and real........... Every men should put lotion on every part of their body every single day. Ash is not ok speicially on men of color..... Melanie Fione is so right

  3. This is so funny!
    Men that only lotion the exposed parts are LAZY!!!
    You don't have to put on some Pretty Rick and get funky with it but just take care of your body.
    And just watched that Stephan video.....I must be really old because I don't see anything wrong with it...he's just get ready to some music.
    Now..I do think things like that could be left private and not on the net but if you think what he's doing is consider homosexual then you're really not secure in your manhood.
    There are plenty of men out there that are gay and you'd never know.
    It ain't gangsta to be unhygienic......just f@*kin' nasty!

  4. Wait a minute, soulbounce is a DMV blog? I didnt know that? Any chane u'll get Maxwell tickets?
    ...BACK ON TOPIC ! I used 2 listen to EZstreet. But I cant believe this ish.
    1s) "that is homo" WTF? Can that saying, along w 'swagger' DIE please Please PLEASE ! EZ should know better than that & Im disappointed,
    2) Just like Mel said, our moms taught us to loition our bodies so y EZ stopped shows his mom aint each him.
    ....NO ez u dont push lotion in your buttcrack, no 1 does that. Stop being stupid.

  5. hey it's me again. Im listening to whur96.3. Tony Richards just interviewed Melanie. So I guess friday she made the rounds on dc radio stations.
    Good 4 her. looking fwd 2 the cd.
    Her manager is roc nations but sadly her label is SLOtown. I hope she does well. SLOtown dont promote ! Look how they did Stevie's ' time 2 luv'; all of brian mcKnight and indiaArie's cds.
    Mel needs radio ads & tv ads & blog ads.
    A special on vh1 /bet / mtv as well, like an 'intimate evening with mel fiona' or s/t like that.

  6. That a man (any man), thinks it's o.k. to just put lotion on the areas that will be seen, is just plan nasty! I bet those dudes don't even shower everyday! My husband puts lotion all over his body, and I appreciate that! And, no, he's not a metrosexual. I love a man who is clean, smooth to the touch and smells good. You other brothers, better get with it!

  7. "Ohhh I love it when it feels like iguana..." LMAO Ohh that was precious Melanie.
    And yes, I love when my man looks like he was dipped in a flour batter all ready to be fried. GTFOH.
    Dude at the end looked nervous