Morning Soul: Wanna Roll Wit’cha, Lady

4 Responses

  1. So Vibe mag names its former web master as EIC? Because he's a "very good writer and well-connected journalist"? Hmmm
    But does he know anything about running a magazine and making it successful?

  2. Your insulting of Toya Carter was uncalled for and reeks of classim. Since when did having a southern accent make you uneducated?

  3. @ sasha:
    Where was the implication made that Toya's Southern accent makes her sound uneducated?

  4. @ illmami: I really didn't see the point of that either. Of Toya and her pet pig, I see Toya as not only the less annoying, but the most audibly-pleasing of the two. Her accent is even charming to me, although it could be because I'm from the south.
    And is 'Ye graying?