Nikki 16: Such A Pretty Mess

There are many things I love in this world. My family, Polaroid pictures, Givenchy boots, cheeseburgers, orchids, and '80s music: Prince and the Revolution, The Time, and Vanity 6 in particular. Therefore I inherently dislike any facsimile of aforementioned beloved things unless it's done absolutely brilliantly (a'la Purple Flip). That being said, new girl group Nikki 16 probably never stood a chance with me. Yes, they are foxy and bangin'. The one in the red has an especially impressive donk and seems flexible. Their singing voices don't make me want to kill myself. But the song is just okay and aside from a few Prince-ish guitar licks and percussive elements, it's very indistinguishable from what most other default girl groups are serving. The Cheetah Girls could have sung this joint.

Here's my thing: Why appropriate a look and a sound this iconic with nary a unique spin? Why make it so obvious the entire shtick was dreamed up before the girls were even "cast"? There's inspiration and then there's shameless swagger jacking. Electrik Red seems to be employing the former. Nikki 16 (even their name an obvious play on Prince's "Darling Nikki"), seem like they're pulling a jack move.

Assembled by Shannon "Slam" Lawrence, Director of A&R for Bad Boy Records, Nikki 16 is, according to their press release,

...a contemporary nod to a sound that once influenced and dominated an era. Catchy guitar licks and infectious melodies reminiscent of some of the biggest hits of the 80s thrusts a new generation back to the whimsical and carefree days of the infamous Studio 54.

So I suppose that means their entire gimmick is emulation in a nutshell. I declare shenanigans on not even the concept as much as the execution. This sh*t isn't going to fly. But I've been wrong before. Can this work? Are Nikki 16 the new Vanity 6? Or the new Girlicious?

(Extra points to those who understood the reference in the entry title)

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  1. They are clearly bitin' Vanity 6's steeze, but the song itself is extremely forgettable. So much so, that I damn near nodded off watching the video.

  2. This is one thing I want Prince to sue about...Butta introduced me to this mess via her Twitter and it was a right laugh, yet second hand embarrassment came into play as well.
    I'm still on the fact that they ripped off the 1984 Prince font! All around NO!

  3. This bootleg Vanity 6 needs to cease immediately. They have the Prince font, sound, and the 'name + number' formula, iCant!
    Prince is getting a percentage, right?

  4. I could be totally wrong, but Vanity, Apollonia, et. al. all seemed to me to be inconsequential to the vision that Prince had already envisioned in his mind. If this is the case, wouldn't this Nikki 16 hilarity be sort of close to Prince's original vision? I mean, minus the lack of singing ability and dance skills that these three women have LOL

  5. Gimme my points... and something to clean up my dress.
    Okay, I was over this song after the first 10 seconds. Nothing Prince-ly about it (where is DA FUNK?), and that's not a tough song to sing, so why the digital assist? And to top it off Miss Red's donk wasn't even impressive. Three strikes, ladies. Time for you to Gett Off... the stage.

  6. ill mami: I actually thought about that. vanity, apollonia, diamond & pearl, et all were definitely a shameless prince creation but - that's the thing. they were a PRINCE creation. lol
    heyhey: here *sprinkles you with points*. also, that chick's donk is nice from the side view, I'ma have to stand by that. don't take that away from her! that's probably how she got the gig!

  7. I wonder if Prince owns the publishing on all his little satelite moons?
    Don't sleep a group like Vanity 6 would go gold in a weird corner of the world like SIngapore or Japan.

  8. When are record labels gonna get the message that we are sick of half naked ass chickenheads prancing around the stage with absolutely no vocal ability? These chicks couldnt carry EnVogues luggage..........................

  9. Boo, you call that a donk? lol

  10. the fact that yall really wanna debate this heffa's ass more than the "music" pretty much reaffirms my opinion of this travesty lol

  11. Is Nikki16 the new Vanity 6? Not even...but they might manage to come up only because the younger listeners refuse to acknowledge their music history....

  12. Poor Prince....I don't know what he's sitting on these days,with all these folks biting his style left and right....Nikki 16, Electrik Red (the Dream just needs to cut Prince a check and sit down that)

  13. I think ya'll are looking to deep into the song. I think it is a fun song and the girls are HOT! I think they could fit right into today's look of tranny realness. The have the nice cross between Lady Gaga, Vanity 6, and the Cheetah Girls.

  14. They're the next 3 babymommas of Lil Wayne.

  15. I heard some of their songs in the studio the other day, and I think you guys are gonna be surprised. These chicks are dope! Don't sleep. Lest we remember what people said about Lady Gaga? I'm rooting for them! I'll come back in 6 months to say I told you so...LOL.. one love everyone!

  16. I heard some of their songs in the studio the other day, and I think you guys are gonna be surprised. These chicks are dope! Don't sleep. Lest we remember what people said about Lady Gaga? I'm rooting for them! I'll come back in 6 months to say I told you so...LOL.. one love everyone!

  17. well i remmember when everyone sad Destinys Child would be a one hit wonder girl group'' BIG WRONG '' i have to say i like nikki 16
    i think they will be the next super star level girl group in the world the young kids love them''

  18. i think its time for nikki 16 in the music world -i work with dj all over the world and they all say YES to nikki 16 another hit for badboy entertainment

  19. emusic & bbc/DJS I know you're the same person posting under 2 different names. fyi, your IP address gives you away. also, there's no way two different people would just happen to come across a 3 month old post within 10 minutes of each other. I take it you're on nikki16's street team or you're related to one of them? good for you.

  20. i think these girls have a chance to make it to the top! i mean, why hate on them? i bet most of the people who commented rudely cant even sing as good as them. i mean, its a clean fun song! most of the music out there is garbage, but this isnt! dont bring these girls down! there just following there dreams!!!
    P.S: they arent even half naked! they are dressed!