Oh ‘Boy’! Come Visit TL Cross’ ‘New York City’

Last year, we were proud to introduce our readers to the very Bounce-Worthy TL Cross, straight out of south side Jamaica, Queens and a member of the Gutta Fam. The sometimes-Fiddy Cent collaborator, who boasts old school musicianship with new school lyrics, wowed us with his bouncy singles "Get In Where I Fit In" and "Best Kept Secret." Well, now he's back with an ode to the city where he was born, and still resides, entitled "New York City Boy." Even though I'm also NYC-through and through, after watching the unofficial video, I still wanted to come visit. It's tough like that. Hopefully, he'll do a real video that will further showcase our home turf, but in the meantime, check the clip below and then book a ticket. Once you get here, we'll take care of you. A perfect jam for a Friday.

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  1. u got superb taste in music, my friend... have u heard of andreya triana? if not, check her out... 🙂


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