The Night Marsha Ambrosius Gave Us ‘Butterflies’

It's been a full month of activity thus far for SoulBounce, with our partners allowing us to give away tickets to some of the hottest shows across the country. Just this week, Marsha Ambrosius, aka The Songstress of Floetry fame, blessed New York City with a solo set at SOBs. I, along with lucky ticket winners (one of whom thought I was totally crazy for saying what's up to him on line. Ha!), was in the house for the action and let me tell you, Marsha has never looked or sounded better. With The Legendary Roots Crew as her band (yes, you read that correctly), Ms. Ambrosius went through a good portion of her catalogue (and some rare trivia: Did you know she wrote "Say Yes" in less than five minutes?!?!?), and had the entire house caught up. As you're probably already aware, she wrote one of Michael Jackson's last hits, the luscious "Butterflies." I've always been partial to the Floetry version myself (as was Michael, thankyouverymuch). Marsha sang it to end her set, and the good people from were there to capture the sounds. Big ups to them, SOBs, and of course Marsha, for one incredible night. The clip is below for your enjoyment. Happy Friday. [H/T: TIRM]

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7 Responses

  1. I too liked Floetry's version best. Michael's was good, but Floetry just put that stank on it!

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    Why am I so in LOVE with this woman !

  3. I enjoy both versions of the song; however I'm partial to Michael's because of the trumpet in the chorus.
    Marsha has an amazing voice.

  4. Excellent, Excellent show. Thank you so much for the tix. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and Marsha was just amazing.

  5. Marsha is the top sister doing R&B right now, at this point she's better then Mary J, whom I absloutely adore. Marsha IS the one.

  6. When at 4:03, after Marsha lets the audience sing, she comes back on the mic and puts that Michael Jackson adlib on there, i got butterflies and smiled broadly.
    Marsha is so dope. And a real talent. I hope big things for her.
    Thanks for this video! 🙂

  7. LOL You're talking about me Mr. Editor!
    I wasn't scared, I was just surprised LOL!
    Here concert was one of the best live performances I've seen in a while.
    And I have to agree: Marsha is going for the throne Of the Queen Of Hip Hop & soul, but she deserves it!
    She didn't even need back-up singers to make her performance work, that's how amazing she is! I love this woman, I want to marry her, so she can sing for me all day :P!!