Sy Smith’s New Video Is An Animated ‘Affair’

This is why I love Twitter: because sometimes, with little to no prompting, an artist will unveil a new song, or an exclusive announcement. Or, as was the case today from indie artist/SB fave Sy Smith, hip us to their new video--for the track entitled "B Side Love Affair," from her album Conflict. The clip, directed by Phetogo Tshepo Mahasha out of London, follows two records as they "find" one another, and is some parts animation, some parts gorgeous scenery, all parts creative and fun. The animated Sy rocks a tee that says "I Heart My Fro." I heart this well done video. It's below for your perusal. And after the bounce, check Sy's live performance of the song last year at Bohemian Caverns, courtest of our very own Butta.

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3 Responses

  1. I really want to like this but the lyrics are too hokey. Also, isn't it played out when singers sing or make references to music rather than create good music? It falls into the same cliches of modern soul singers constantly posing, surrounding by a rack of vintage R&B LPs -- OK, we get it. "You're extended the great legacy." It doesn't have to be so literal for us to get.

  2. I like it. It feels fresh. I what jdm is saying. But sometimes good music is about the feeling an artist can impart through music and melody. This track makes me feel happy, while somehow taking me back to happier times. So big ups to Sy.

  3. Twitter makes you know in a giffy. Nice video, sound with Sy Smith this will fey well with Jose James "Love".
    On top of that good post from Harlem.


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