YahZarah’s ‘Tickler’ Is Seductively Sweet

Last month, I had the pleasure of sharing a cab with SoulBounce fave YahZarah, aka Ms. Purple St. James, as we headed to different events, and I got to asking her about her upcoming project, which follows her recent collaboration with Foreign Exchange. The thing she emphasized most is that she wants people to understand how creative and different she can be as an artist, unafraid to push the limits. Well, if they didn't know before, they will after viewing her new video for "Tickler," which leaked online today due to director Tchaiko Omawale's overzealousness. But really, who could blame him? The clip is every degree of sexy, with the D.C. native being flirty, sultry and seductive in all of her barefoot glory. All in just over three minutes. And it fits the song perfectly, with its reggae-tinged beat and seductive phrasing. Lawd. I think I'm obsessed. Did she know it was my birthday week when she made this? Make sure you go check her out this weekend as she headlines Rock The Block BK. But for right now, go on and peep the clip below. Trust me, you want to. People might have to step up their game for the rest of the year, because as of right now, this right here is my pick for video of the year. Boom.

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6 Responses

  1. Is it just me or could she and Ill Mami be related? I mean i'm just saying.............................

  2. Very sexy & video.

  3. *cosign*
    I love everything about this song and the video. Every frame felt like a work of art.
    Yazarah has really come into her own as an artist. The first time I saw her live several years back, she got the atomic side eye. And then there was that show in North Carolina with Fertile Ground and Omar. I came back and told Butta a star had been re-born. Now here we are - in full stan mode anxiously awaiting our next fix of the purple one.

  4. Phew ... definitely gets the heart beating ... and that's not even the way i roll if you get my drift!
    Yahzarah is an amazing talent and, judging from the brief but sweet convo's i've had with her on Twitter, a genuinely lovely lady!
    Cannot wait for 'The Ballad ...'

  5. is there anywhere i can get this song. the shit is fire!!!! video is nice too

  6. Saw her perform live. Her voice is amazing!