Bilal Shows Up And Takes Us ‘Home’

Ask five different people where Bilal has been, and you're likely to get five different answers. Truth is, the enigmatic soulster has been more hard to pin down lately than a wayward balloon on a windy day. Yet, there he was on Monday night, performing alongside Jennifer Hudson, Jullianne Hough and Questlove as part of the The Wizard of Oz's 70th anniversary celebration in Central Park. The free event, which was sponsored by Netflix and featured reinterpretations of tunes from both the original production and The Wiz, allowed the artists creative license with their versions. Bilal surprisingly kept it close to the vest, choosing to tackle the Diana Ross/Stephanie Mills showstopper, "Home." I love his recording, which was captured during one of the show's rehearsal sessions, and hope that 2010 will finally bring us his next project. We shall see, but for now, repeat after us: there's no place like "Home." Enjoy. [Photo credit: Artvibe] [H/T: OKP]

Bilal: "Home" Live

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9 Responses

  1. As Bilal would say, "I love it!

  2. Nice......wish it was available for download.

  3. So talented and underrated. This is really good!

  4. Just.....damn. Sweet.

  5. *sigh*
    Bilal reminds me what a lot of folks have fogotten. People don't leave performances humming the beat: They leave humming melodies and lyrics. Bilal has a fantastic instrument but if he didn't have a great song to interpret, it would be all for naught. That's what always kills me about Patti Labelle: such a phenominal voice but she can rarely find songs that do it justice. I think that's why Bilal hasn't had the success he so richly deserves. He just hasn't found the right..(scratch that)...that great song that'll make people listen to him as opposed to just hearing him.

  6. i love bilal. have loved him since before i was an intern @ Universal working on his 1st project. his voice and range are AMAZING.
    i really wish he could break through all the corporate red tape and DROP another album. "1st Born Second" had/has so many hits, so many sentimental songs! and the brotha performs his ASS off!

  7. Nice, but I'm mad at the fact that it didn't get interesting until 2 minutes 47 seconds. I won't even discuss diana cuz her version is not worth metioning, but stephanie kept the emotion all throughout the song and blew you outta the water by the end. Bilal sounded bored through most of the song and then he woke up at the end. It's kinda disappointing, cuz it's such a powerful song, and I know he could pull it off, if he actually wanted to.

  8. wasn't there but i know this cat can blow, have seen him several times perform in IL. so i know he put it down.


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