‘Changes’ We Can Believe In From Ledisi

When Grammy-nominated songstress, Ledisi, dropped her Turn Me Loose album last month, the Soul music community rejoiced. The first single, "Goin Thru Changes," tackles the difficulty of being torn between two lovers from a woman's perspective. The video captures the strength of Ledisi's voice--wrapping the subject in a dark, hedonistic aura with a high gloss sheen that draws you in. Ledisi carries the frustration of all ladies with good men--and better jumpoffs--on her back, without wrinkling her form-fitting dress nor smudging her flawless makeup. Her locs are as tightly woven as the storyline and the cinematography exudes a grown and sexiness that captivates you from beginning to end. But don't take my word for it, experience the statuesque storyteller for yourself.



Ledisi Turn Me Loose [Amazon][iTunes]

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3 Responses


  2. So Hot!!! Love this and Love Her!

  3. This is my jam. Gorgeous video.


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