De La Soul Has Us Loving That ‘La La La’

De_La_Soul.jpgThere was a time not that long ago when it was not uncommon to actually be able to listen to different genres of Hip Hop. There was a time when Digable Planets, Goodie Mob, Mobb Deep, Nas, and Wu-Tang Clan could all peacefully coexist on my CD player without fear that one of them would vie for more attention than the others. Those days are woefully over and now all we're left with are three categories of deplorable, decent, and dazzling. Thankfully, De La Soul has always inhabited the Hip Hop category of the latter, achieving success and longevity in a business where young'uns believe they have the upper hand simply because their jeans are tighter-than-thou. "La La La," from the upcoming NBA Live 10 soundtrack, finds De La rocking a beautifully banging yet subdued track with only the tightest of rhyme flows and camaraderie that 20 years in the game can afford. Listen up and pay attention. This is how it should be done. [H/T:PMB]

De La Soul: "La La La"

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8 Responses

  1. I messes with De La.........................................Nuff said

  2. I go hard for Plugs 1-3 and this track is evidence as to why. Lovin' it. . .

  3. with as hard as they work and as much effort as they put into everything they do, they STILL make it sound like it's effortless. every bit as relevant to the game...perhaps more now than ever before...

  4. They are the ONLY hiphop outfit that can make me laugh, cheer and cry all at the same time. G.O.A.T in my book, hand down.

  5. "it was not uncommon to actually be able to listen to different genres of Hip Hop."
    Damn, how profound is that! What the hellshit happened!?

  6. Always got the diamond in the dirt. Nice!

  7. Mos Def: "De La...De La is like, they're very neat, them MF's is technicians they're raw but them mf's are like: 'one bar two bar three bar...five...stop...Pos is gonna rhyme...something strange is gonna happen, but they're very very organized on some Steely Dan Shit! They're shit is reeeaaally well thought out.

  8. Thanks for the great information – I enjoyed reading it! I always love your blog.


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