Do We ‘Love’ Amerie’s New Album Cover?

So we finally get to feast our eyes on Amerie's new album cover for In Love & War. Amerie looks fabutastic as per usual, but should we be concerned that the art direction looks like a gaudy t-shirt design? All that's missing is glitter, rhinestones and sequins. Maybe a special edition will come a Bedazzling kit and glue gun? Nonetheless, seeing the album cover and the recently released video for second single "Heard Em All" (which you can check after the bounce) gives me confidence that this album will be coming sooner than later--or November 3rd to be exact. And for all Team Amerie members, be sure to come back to SoulBounce later this week for the world premiere of her episode of Behind the Groove!

Amerie In Love & War [Amazon]


4 Responses

  1. I saw it on Amazon this morning. I'm excited!!!!

  2. I like Amerie but the song is lame.

  3. it looks like ed hardy threw up all over it

  4. it's called TREND, get a clue guys, weather you like it or not, we all follow trends it's part of the biz.


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