Is Jennifer Hudson’s Classic Cover ‘Over’ And Above?

In addition to Bilal doing justice to "Home" during last night's The Wizard of Oz celebration in Central Park, Academy and Grammy Award winner Jennifer Hudson showed up and showed out with her rendition of "Over The Rainbow," and thankfully, event sponsor Netflix captured it for our review. Hudson, who covered the song previously in tribute to Patti LaBelle earlier this year, seems to be in Patti-lite mode during this performance, attempting to reach her idol's heights by vocally catapulting herself over the rainbow, but landing halfway to glory. Take a look, and try not to be distracted by Questlove's head-swaying while drumming. That dude is everywhere, I tell you. Heh. Is her version too "over" the top, or does it land "somehwere" in the middle? Let us know in the comments.

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8 Responses

  1. She oversings so much. I remember Cowell criticizing her lack of vocal control when she was on American Idol. Not much has changed.

  2. I love it. Her range crazy. Glad to see her back.

  3. Relaxxxxxxx...that joint was GREAT!!! She definitely put a soul/gospel like spin on it. Oversinging? Nah...she just got a powerful voice. Same kinda thing that Aretha was doin' on the come up.
    I loved it, and I hope she keeps doin' her thing.
    P.s., Cowell had a habit of making a couple of wack criticisms here and there so...not sure if he's a viable source--particularly when it comes to a style that he can't say that he's very familiar with.

  4. I was there front row center and her rendition of the song was BANANAS! Toward the end, she almost slipped and that's where the "even if I have to remove my shoes" comment came from, and then for a slight second, you could see her getting slightly emotional while singing about 'getting over the rainbow', like it took on a whole different meaning for her. Very emotional and passionate performance, probably the best one I've seen her do so far, and I've seen her live quite a few times.
    She rocked it, keep up the good work Jen.

  5. This rendition is awful.

  6. Whatever!! That was Awesome. If you put Patti, Aretha, or so many great soul singer's on R & B radio today,, they would get accused of over singing too. The ish they make her sing (her debut album in particular) is NOT good enough or soulful enough for her voice. Over singing is a mediocre artist trying to go places they have no place going vocally. Jennifer is merely displaying emotion, something we need in music. As for all these comparisons to Patti, Jennifer Holiday, etc. It is not her fault that she is the only artist capable of tackling a song made famous by these soul greats. No she's not them but she is great in her own right so let's give her credit for who she is and not who they are.

  7. When I think of singing by Patti, Aretha and the other great soul singers on R&B radio yesterday & today.. I don't think of Jennifer Hudson.
    She's young and has plenty of time to perfect her game, though.

  8. People, it is a crime and a shame how Jennifer Hudson can not seem to get her shine. Haters are all over the place. This young multi-talented diva is amazing. She took that song and did a super job. Jennifer has problemly the best voice out today in the industry. This lady can make any song her own. Patti is an icon. I know for a fact she loves Jennifer and thats all that matters about that. Jennifer is one of the most humble artist in the industry today. She knows her place and she is very comfortable. Haters are going to hate no matter of what. Jennifer Hudson is a powerhouse and she knows how to use her voice. This song over the rainbow she did a great job as she always.


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