Join Nikko Gray In Some ‘Moonlight Delight’

nikko_gray_shadows.jpgSince discovering Nikko Gray, I have really been loving her voice. There's something so soothing and easy about it, and the vibrato she uses lets you know that she knows exactly what she's doing. So most obviously I was enthralled when I found out about her new track "Moonlight Delight" that will most likely be appearing on your playlists as the weather turns cooler. Featuring Gustavo Alfonzo, I personally prefer the parts of the song where her vocals dominate and sound (forgive the comparison) a bit like my beloved Little Dragon frontwoman Yukimi Nagano. Niceness follows after you press play.

Nikko Gray feat. Gustavo Alfonso: "Moonlight Delight"

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1 Response

  1. I am really loving what music I have heard from her thus far, this track and "Love in my music"..really lfeeling this vibe and sound....very nice!!!!


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