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This week Mariah Carey will release her latest effort Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. This album marks her twelfth studio release and her first time working without Jermaine Dupri since they started collaborating. This album is primarily produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart as well as a few tracks by Big Jim Wright, most known for working alongside Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.   

Memoirs is an introspective look at the stages of love. For the first time in a long time, her album features very few uptempo songs and no features. The album has more of a laid back R&B feel with Hip Hop-infused tracks. This album is about heartbreak, about your first time falling in love, getting the strength to leave and enjoying the fact that you are in love.

A few standouts:

"H.A.T.E.U." is vocally one of her best songs.
She sounds amazing and the song is a true R&B ballad. She uses her
upper register in this song as part of the melody of the chorus,
instead of in the background in ad libs as she has done in the past.

is one of Mariah's sexiest and honest songs that she has done to date.
Perhaps the only song that discusses her current relationship, she
sings "you did the impossible, you rescued my love, you did the
impossible, see I had almost given up." This song and its reprise give
us a glimpse of just how much she loves Nick.

"It's A
Wrap" is perhaps one of the most amazing tracks on the album. It has a
throwback, Do Wop feel that really focuses on Mariah's vocals. It
reminds me of the Mariah we might have heard during the Daydream era. She doesn't cheat and whisper-sing. She owns this track, and the lyrics are of the caliber we expect of her.

Mariah Carey: "It's A Wrap"

"Up Out My Face" is a fun, mid-tempo song that reminds me of "Shake It
Off." In it she chunks up the deuce to an old boyfriend, reminding him,
"When I break, I break, up out my face, boy." The reprise of this song
features a marching band playing the instrumental of the song, which
will surely get burn in many a college dorm across the country.

However, as the title of this review suggests, this album is plagued with imperfections.

majority of the songs are rather boring love songs. Most of the songs
seem like filler and fail to excite. We expect great songs and lyrics
from Mariah and the writing on this album seems very elementary and
just plain silly.  

Songs like "Candy Bling," which feature an interpolation of Ahmad's
"Back In The Day," sounds like the typical Dream song. She tries to
convince us that this "feels like real love, not just play play." Like
her movie Glitter, we just don't buy it. The first single
"Obsessed," which comes near the beginning of the set, sticks out like
a sore thumb given its sound and trite subject matter. Her rendition of
"I Wanna Know What Love Is" does not live up to the original nor does
it live it up to other covers she has done in the past. "More Than Just
Friends," which contains a subtle interpolation of Notorious B.I.G.'s  "One More Chance (Remix)" fails to move or inspire.

Mariah Carey: "More Than Just Friends"

Mariah claims she wanted to work with different producers to avoid
having a sound that is "stale or redundant," but at times this album
sounds like just that. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel doesn't sound like the work of a 12-album veteran but rather an album that could have been sung by the likes of Leona Lewis or Jordin Sparks.   

album leaves one wondering why we are so obsessed with Mariah. It
appears as though she's only interested in remaining relevant rather
than making music that is on par with women of her success and talent.
I do feel like her partnership with The-Dream for the bulk of this
album was a fail and that she should have switched it up more. Mariah
may have had good intentions with Memoirs, but they didn't come out in the execution.

Mariah Carey Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel [Amazon][iTunes]

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9 Responses

  1. I really tried to get into this album, but the majority of the tracks were quite forgettable to me.

  2. This broad is too damn old to half naked all the damn time! put on some clothes then maybe, just maybe I might listen to this debacle of an album. Nick Cannon if you come at me like you did eminem I'm a break your jaw:)

  3. I always rep Mariah, but I just can't do it with this album.... Her writing has hit a new low... I really hate some of the song writing on this album.. She needs to get away from The Dream asap.. I wish she would have done the whole album with Big Jim Wright because "It's A Wrap" is a gem. Except for the whole line about "calling maury povich."
    I also like "Angels Cry" but this is no "Butterfly."

  4. Tricky and Dream are able to match what an artist has done previously with prior producers. The song “Single Ladies”, by Beyonce sounds very similar what Swizz did on her second album. It’s just a bit more polished. The same thing is going on with the joint above “More Than Just Friends”. That’s a Jermaine Dupree rip off….well actually Manual Seal and B-Cox. It’s just a bit cleaner with bridge. Glad to see Big Jim getting it in. He may just be the “ghost fingers” behind the piano on Bended Knee. I'm going to check this joint out for sure. Anyone who can still make relevant music after being in the game for this long deserves her spot. While her peers thought sappy Babyface ballads and Cheesy Diane Warren/David Foster/Walter Afanasieff pop songs would last forever. Mariah was smart and got in on the ground floor with Hip Hop and R&B. So the difference is, when Whitney commissions Rodney Jerkins or Swiss Beats and does her “bark” over a hip hop beat. It sounds uncomfortable and contrived. Same with Tony Braxton or any of the other Diva’s of yesteryear. With Mariah, it’s just Mariah.

  5. Dear Mariah,
    Put your ta ta's up and make hits. We know you can do it.

  6. Hate to agree, but this is a very slow and plodding CD... and Im a big Mariah fan. 🙁

  7. I disagree with everyone's opinions. This is one of Mariah's best albums; its a great combination of Daydream, Butterfly and The Emancipation of Mimi.
    Betcha Gon Know-great storytelling, very epic sounding. needs a pt. 2 or remix about how she gets her revenge;especially love when she goes "i'm gonna la-la-la-la laugh"
    Candy Bling-love this song! you can really groove to this song;love the "snap" the 90s throwback sound
    Ribbon-another great mellow song;the chopped and screwed-sounding background vocals are cool
    Up out my face-cool upbeat fun song;cute lyrics
    The Impossible-my favorite song on the's so beautiful and sensual; love the homage to Jodeci
    Hate U-another great song;especially love the bridge
    Languishing-great interlude; the lyrics are so sad; could easily be on the Daydream album.
    Its a wrap-love the doo-wop old school sound;great vocals
    I want to know what love is-really pretty song; love when the gospel choir comes in
    Standing O-another great song; love the "cheers, toast, bravo to you, you're the man of the hour, imma have to send you some flowers"
    Angel(prelude)-beautiful vocals
    Angels cry-pretty song but seems it was created as another "we belong together"
    More than just friends-good song but probably the weakest; the sounds at the beginning are kinda weird

  8. i like this album a whole lot better than e-mc2. that was an atrocity save for that chick with a nod to "off the wall" and touch my body which was too damn catchy to let go of.
    i love candy bling. and impossible. by far my faves.
    i also love it's a wrap and up out my face. "it's not chipped, it's not cracked... boy we're shattered."
    H.A.T.E. U. is not one of my faves. i thought it was quite boring.
    honorable mention does go to Inseparable. i liked it.

  9. after the Horrible 1st 2 singles this may be the 1st mimi album I won't buy. I just wish she would get away from trying to sound like a rapper.