Michael Jackson Shows Us ‘Human Nature’ One Last Time

In this clip from This Is It, Michael gives us one final dose of "Human Nature." It's exceptionally poignant given what happened next. As a testament to the brilliance of his catalog and to his unflappable passion for performance and message, This Is It is shaping up to be truly cathartic. His frailty toward the end coupled with his ongoing loneliness make this rehearsal rendition of "Human Nature" ache even more. [PBB]


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8 Responses

  1. *sniff* *sniff*

  2. Tear drops. RIP Sweet Prince and thanks for the memories!

  3. This for the hatas that said he can't sing live!

  4. When I close my eyes, it's 1982 all over again. He sounds so good.
    He was so tiny.....this just breaks my heart.
    I can't stop crying....

  5. damnit, i'm gonna hafta see this, too. after seeing that clip, i'm beginning to realize that i'll need the catharsis as much as some others will.
    crap. the idea of him not being here anymore still hurts.

  6. that was hard to watch, but he still had it until the end..helps a little.

  7. aww damn *cries* this is my favorite song
    he sounds amazing, my heart hurts. i'm gonna cry throughout the whole film