Morning Soul: Club Tropicana Drinks Are Free

4 Responses

  1. Mawell with a girl friend? yeah right....Lyfe retiring? I thought he did already......Solange on Oprah? must be a slow day over at Harpo, I guess having a popular sibling will take you places.........Tracy Morgan is mad funny but's he turning into the comedic version of Ole Dirty Bastard, brother needs rehab, pronto!

  2. Lyfe retired himself with the release of his second album.

  3. "So Maxwell's "Suite Lady" is The-Dream's sloppy seconds."
    "Solange will chop it up with Oprah about chopping off her hair."
    I didn't know that Solange was the first woman EVER to cut off all her hair. Wow. I learn something new every day. Thank God for Oprah.

  4. YESSSSSS! Wham! "Club Tropicana". I was such a huge stan for George and Andrew back in the day. And completely in denial about his sexual orientation. I just knew we would have beautiful bi-racial babies as soon as I could figure out how to get my mama to send me to London. LOL! And I actually have the Wham! video collection on VHS to this day. I'm so old school.


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