Morning Soul: Everybody Get Up And Do Your Thing

4 Responses

  1. You can't imagine my elation at Macy Gray getting booted off of DWTS. If it weren't for her lack of effort I would show her some pity, but alas, they showed that she didn't even try during rehearsals. As far as Mama I wanna sing: Are they serious?! And why does Hill Harper continue to subject himself to these BET/TVONE/CodeBlack movies that are CLEARLY beneath him? Rihanna wasn't that bad up until the end. Keep in mind that she was a kid then so her voice was still she sounded more like a chipmunk then than she does now.

  2. Behind the Music w/Bobby Brown? What don't we know about his life?

  3. Macy Gray has the grace of a wounded wilderbeast being dragged down by a pack of wild dogs. I think it's safe to say she is a very "manly" chick

  4. LOL@Soulrific. you know!!
    From "Behind the Music: New Edition" to the reality show, countless interviews, and many unfortunate headlines, what else can be said?


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