Morning Soul: I’m On The Hunt I’m After You

2 Responses

  1. Caught a little of Centric this morning before I went to work. Same ol' BET J, but with some newer shows.

  2. Mashonda is hurt, that I can understand but to say Alicia (who is wrong as hell) stole or took your man is just crazy. It takes two to tango, she should be putting all the blame on her husband. He obviously found something in Alicia that he wasnt getting at home, it might not totally be about sex, maybe Mashonda just wasnt doing whatever it was she use to do to get Swizz in the first place. Sometimes we get stagnant in our relationships and start to take our partners for granted. I am in no way defending Swizz or Alicia both will get their just due in time, I also dont know what the hell Alicia is thinking, I mean if Swizz will leave his wife AND kids for her what makes her think he wont leave her eventually? I mean yeah Alicia is finer then all outdoors but go down to Miami anyday of the year and will see a dozen chicks that make Alicia look like Macy Gray...........I feel for Mashonda, hopefully she has Kelis' lawyer on speed dial.