Morning Soul: It’s The Pleasure Principle

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  1. Nice daily videos you guys have.
    I think everybody has tried that chair trick Janet did and dang near broke their necks.
    Woooow! I had an eargasm just thinking about Tamia, Price, and Deborah...together?!?! Wooow
    Hope Winehouse's goddaughter is talented like her godmommy.
    Okay, Honeymag mistepped quite a bit in the recreation covers.
    Estelle will NEVER compare to Lauryn Hill. Anyone who has seen her sing live knows that she well...can't. Eve actually has a career and didn't fake liking a rapper to get her own, yeah you Amber Rose. And uuhh..D'Angelo is his own man. NONE of these new cats can compare. Having Trey Songz recreate him is blasphemous. lol Lady GaGa as Janet? NO WAY! Janet can sing, dance, act, entertain, and still has a bit of mystery to her. Her career is not based on shock value and narcissism. T-Pain as Missy? Wow..Creativity and originality versus a Roger Troutman biting, coon a.s, big a.s chain, "sho boss" hat wearin 'gaboo. hmmm....Keys, Cantrell, Sunshine versus three singers that well..can't..okay maybe Dawn. Santi, Rhianna, Solange recreating Joi, Pink, and Kelis. hmmm.... 3 naturally eccentric people versus 3 people TRYING to be eccentric for attention. whew..I Done. lol

  2. I'd actually pay to see Kelly, Tamia and Deborah. All 3 sistas can blow!

  3. Trey Songz as D'Angelo?? C'mon...Gaga as Janet...bitch please! Gaga is more of a less original ego pumped Madonna if anything and Trey well he may not be no D'Angelo perhaps the new R.Kelly with less vocal chops but certainly not as blood boiling as the 'trying to act 20+ again' Kelly? Teyana & Keri Hilson as Alicia & Blu thats just plain sad.If thats he future then hand me the Vicodin. AND finally...Estelle the new Lauryn? Damnn they got to get their heads straight here.

  4. Sometimes when I walk down the street, I do the "Pleasure Principle" 'ography. Love that vid!

  5. @ Err..huh.. lol.. great post.
    lol @ Honey Mag
    The same deference they give Beyonce should be given to A Keys and yes, Lauryn Hill. L-Boogie is not active but "Miseducation" sure is.. very few R&B discs have even tried to be close to its sophistication.
    Adrienne Bailon as J-Lo..puh-lease. You don't have to be a fan of Lopez to know that Adrienne's desperate self (releasing naked pics of herself to get buzz) is no where near what J has achieved in film, music and fashion. J to the Lo is an empire, like it or not. And I am not even a fan (but I admit I bump "On the 6")
    Eve, Janet and D'Angelo have been insulted
    And how in blue hell is Teyana on this list without an album.. Blu and Sunshine Anderson can sing their butts off
    Where in the world is Joi? I think Santigold is a good pick. She comes off as authentic to me because that is how she came out from the get go.. they should have put M.I.A. here. Solange and Rihanna get a side-eye for their attempts.

  6. The Chrisette, Janelle and Jasmine comparisons seems nearly plausible, the rest were straight ridiculous. T-Pain is Missy. HAH. Shut. It. Down.