Morning Soul: Just Wanna Kiss Your Big Mouth

  • "Rappers Delight" turned 30 yesterday. Congrats to The Sugarhill Gang. [YT]
  • Jill Scott will be playing a mother next year on the Lifetime Movie Network. [VARIETY]
  • Bobby Brown's a Celebrity...Fit Club contestant this coming season. [IDOL]
  • So, would I be wrong to wonder how breezy it was for Chris Breezy as he picked up trash on the side of the road? Yeah, didn't think so. [SR]
  • No, seriously, if you're not watching Glee, do it. Now. For the music alone. [HULU]

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3 Responses

  1. I guess Bobby Brown is gonna hit up every reality show until somebody tells him he can't.

  2. YAY 4 JILLY!
    Can't wait to see the new Lifetime movie.

  3. I've really enjoyed Glee, it was entertaining and surprisingly deals with real life issues (coming out). And the singers are really talented. Loved the sistas version of Bust your Windows by Jasmine Sullivan.
    I can see Bobby and the Doc or Drill Sergeant getting may surpass the Dustin Diamond blow up. He's not gonna lose weight, he has no self control...especially getting high and eating up the whole house .


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