Morning Soul: Saving Myself

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  2. Aw damn @ the Roxanne Shante story! Here I was thinking the sista was doin' it for herself, and it's all a lie?

  3. I really like this Van Hunt video. Something about it...

  4. I knew Shante had a PHD about as much as Flava Flav being good looking or Tiger Wodds dating a sista:)

  5. We are in a recession and if Kid has to hawk suits, shoes and ties, I say let him after all, he "AINT GONE HURT NOBODY:) LOL

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, Stoney!
    Man, you're on a roll today. lol

  7. What would I do if we were perfect?
    Where would I go for disappointment?
    Love without pain would leave me nothing else to say...
    So I think of saving myself.
    With nothing to think about up in heaven.
    I think of saving myself.
    But I'd rather be down here in hell with you...

    Van Hunt.
    Musical/Lyrical Genius.
    'Nuff said.

  8. I think 'Play' is a music lecturer (hip hop) along with 9th Wonder (of Little Brother fame) at North Carolina Central University in Durham. Play also helped to produce a documentary about the city of Durham entitled "Welcome to Durham, USA". Still doing good things.

  9. Damn I love Van Hunt....I wish other people did to . thanks for this one needed it..