Novel And Chrisette Michele Are ‘Wonderful’

novel_chrisette.jpgWhen done right, a love song can sound saccharine without being overly full of its own sweetness. "Wonderful," the newest track from R&B singer Novel that perfectly features Chrisette Michele, manages to do just that. The simplicity of the lyrical refrain gives room for both Novel and Chrisette to really showcase their well-paired vocal stylings: his steeped in a tender, crooner-y falsetto and hers fluttering effortlessly with jazzy affectation. And the way the harmonies build toward the end intensifies the song's sweetness. Save a somewhat clunky spoken interlude from Novel in the middle, "Wonderful" truly is just that. [H/T: OKP]

Novel feat. Chrisette Michele: "Wonderful"

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2 Responses

  1. Smooth.....I love it!!! Always wondered what happened to Novel. Glad he's back.