How Priscilla Renea Got Soul-ed Out Right Before Our Eyes

Have you guys been following the story of amateur singer Priscilla Renea? I have, and from the beginning, with her humble YouTube postings two years ago in her Vero Beach, FL bedroom to her singing her heart out on MTV's Say What? Karaoke, I've been a huge fan. Her voice is like a high-pitched India.Arie. Same spirit. Same goodness. Well, recently that all changed when the internet sensation secured a deal with Capitol Records. Almost as fast as you could start humming one of her gorgeous ballads, the music monolith went to work, molding her in the same image as other erstwhile pop tarts like a younger Rihanna or a soul-free Kelly Clarkson. That right there is a big fat fail. I've watched with disdain and disappointment as she went from cute girl with a guitar to cupie doll looking bizarre. Sigh. The 20-year old has gone from singing songs about how true love made her vulnerable, to singing about not wanting to be someone's Barbie. Below is the "before" Priscilla, when it was just her and a guitar. And after the bounce is the Capitol-ed Priscilla, taking us behind the scenes of the video for "Dollhouse," her first single from her debut Jukebox. iCry.

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10 Responses

  1. They have to be planning on making the foolishness a part of her overall story.
    Young black girl music prodigy writes songs as sensitive and true as Joni Mitchell.
    Girl signs "big" record deal. Molded to be the opposite of what she is.
    Music flops girl rebels against label and releases indy release on MySpace records. Outsells pop record X10.
    Label sues and tries to block record but can't. Its the internet dummy!! All music is free if you really want it. As opposed to most music that sucks gets played on radio for play. (SMH)
    Big female mogul gets girl out of contract and brings her back to her roots.
    It's make a great TV show. I hope it becomes reality.

  2. *Sigh* This is SO unfortunate. I was rooting for her too. It was nice to see a young girl go against the grain of monotony (talented genes but vocally impaired). Now, *sigh* she has to join the ranks and not even get the spotlight she deserves because she has to share the same diluted light ALL these commercialized people are using too.
    Unfortuntae 🙁

  3. I thought after seeing the "Hello my Apple" video that Capitol got her and wasn't going to change her style. I hope this is just a bate and switch technique for the little girls to like her. Because her individuality at such a young age is truly what made/makes her beautiful and refreshing.

  4. What the heck was that Dollhouse mess? OMG that was garbage compared to the youtube video. I can't blame Capitol for that, that's the nature of the beast. She must've known what she's getting into looking to get signed. It's sad what happens when you deal with the devil, and everyone watches. All of you who seek a music deal follow the likes of some of the beautiful artist that Soulbounce premiers, most of them have taken their bumps and bruises without compromising their talents for potatoe chip music.

  5. I've been following Pricilla's career for a while and actually tried to give some input about show to "market" her. All I can say was that the record company was scared and really didn't know what to do, so they played it "safe." Such a shame, she was on the way to become the next Tracy Chapman or India Are IMO.

  6. I've been listening to her since she first started on youtube and now that she's got a deal I'm so happy for her..but wtf is up with how capitol is handling her? I don't get why they're so afraid of her unique style... she could be the next india.arie... the last thing we need is another rhianna/britney spears/kelly clarkson...

  7. I'm another person disappointed by the what this clip has to offer.
    Maybe she'll come out on the other side better for it, ala Tori Amos or Aimee Mann...

  8. Hmm. "Dollhouse" doesn't do much to highlight her colorful style.