Q-Tip Shows ‘Late Night’ Some ‘Love’

Seems Jimmy Fallon is on a roll this week, and proving what I said yesterday about giving the Hip Hop nation great exposure. One night after welcoming Ghostface to perform on Late Night, Kamaal the Abstract, aka Q-Tip, was not only invited to perform a cut entitled "Barely In Love" from his "new" album, but also sat in with The Roots for the entire show. The clip is below. Hmm, I know I can't be the first to think of this, but can you imagine if NBC and/or The Roots put out a CD filled with just their live performances with artists who've appeared since March? I'd be first in line when that hit the shelves. I'm just sayin'. [H/T: MWP]

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3 Responses

  1. i'm starting to see why the label shelved this album.............I dont know who's the worst singer Tip or Terence Howard.

  2. sooooo glad this is gettin to see the light of day. and btw, i'd be right behind you in line for that live album...

  3. I love that Q Tip loves to sing...
    With respect to Kamaal, I have finally heard it and I do understand from the label's perspective, why it wasn't released. I think the Rennissance has a similar sensibility, but actually hit the mark in a way Kamaal did not.