Queen Latifah Is Right As ‘Rain’ On Late Night

The number one thing I love about Queen Latifah is that she seems to love to have fun. Like, she'd be the homegirl you'd call if you wanted to just kick it. Granted, she'd be the millionaire homegirl that could probably help you "kick it" on an island, but still...she seems to have that type of personality. It was on full display last night when the Queen visited her pal Jimmy Fallon on his Late Night set, reminiscing about the great times they had filming the abysmal Taxi back in 2004. They've been cool ever since, and it showed. Especially when the two raced mopeds around the studio like young kids. Even when she performed her current single, "Cue The Rain," from her recently released album Persona, with The Roots, she looked like she was having a blast. That's it! I need Dana as my really rich BFF. Until that happens, enjoy the clip of the performance below.

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2 Responses

  1. Too bad her entire album doesn't sound like this performance on Jimmy Fallon's show. Her new album is autotuned to death! I had to Cleo'd that joint, like how her character Cleo in Set It Off tosses bad cds out of the window.

  2. Know what you mean. I love that woman. She's a national treasure.