The Kanye Problem


Until now, I have publicly refrained from saying anything regarding the Kanye West-Taylor Swift brouhaha that occurred this past Sunday. I have continued to voice my disdain and disappointment regarding his past behavior whilst I waited with baited breath for the proverbial shoe to fall. For America to say that they've had no more. And when I say America, I mean those people who have been such die-hard Kanye fans, those who called him a genius while his antics called for a proper time-out in a corner like a child. More specifically, I waited for the overwhelming non-Hip Hop listening masses to turn their backs on this troubled, spoiled soul. I think you know who I'm referring to. 
Despite all of this, I was ill-prepared--nay, in denial--about what would result from Kanye's poorly-timed criticism of a blonde-haired Country singer who pop culture had deemed a princess with a soul as white as the driven snow. 

kanye-nigger.jpgThis is but one example of what was aflutter on Twitter post-Kanye's mic-snatching on MTV's VMAs. And before you pass this off as an example of a subsection of society who regularly hail to a dead Führer and believe that people who are of African origin should return there, be aware that there is a growing discontent in this country that is completely counter to the ideology that our current President won the race on: Change. 

There are people who continue to say and sadly believe that music is not political. If you are a regular reader of this website, you know this is absolutely laughable at best and ignorant at worst. As you may have noticed I have not weighed in specifically on Kanye's disruptive behavior. It goes without saying that I believe that he played himself in the biggest way possible. It also goes without saying that it takes incidents such as this to make people sit up and pay attention to the fact that the state of popular music is in shambles. The utter foolishness that this year's BET Awards were peppered with is more than enough proof. But I would have rather had CNN air the video of Drake and Lil Wayne while underage girls gyrated on stage as well as Kanye's rant. Or is foolishness only repeatedly aired when it happens to them and not to us? 
I am not happy with popular music right now, nor have I been happy with it in recent years. I am not happy that people feel they have free reign to insult Black people when one of our own decides to act a damn fool. And I am sincerely not happy when I have to defend myself from the actions of one dumb person. Whether we like it or not, and even I have a difficult time accepting this, when one of us messes up, we are all looked at with disdain. 
This year has been frought with change of a kind that I was completely unprepared for. Too much sadness and too much disappointment. Music is more often than not my escape from life's difficulties. Here's to hoping that our collective escape once again exceeds our expectations. And here's to hoping Kanye truly does take the indefinite sabbatical that he--and we--so desperately need. 

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  1. When I saw all of the hate spewed Tweets that Harry "The Media Assassin" Allen captured as screencaps and posted on his blog about Kanye from Caucasians who were probably fans of his before the Taylor Swift incident, I was appalled. Yes, Kanye was in the wrong for his antics and should have been embarrassed for what he did, but all of that hatred was unnecessary.
    To me, it was just as bad as the Tea Party/Birthers who hate Obama. Kanye was wrong, he knows he was wrong, but I wouldn't go so far as to lower the man with racial epitaphs. You'd think we could progress as a country and bury this racial divide in 2009, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.
    And another thing. The brotha needs to seek some kinda counseling. He used to trip in the past, but since his mother's death, he's really been trippin' with no luggage. Nobody should have to tell him, like Jay Leno did, "What would your mother think of you?" That should be the first thing he should think of himself. I am a grown woman, and when I do stupid sh*t, the first thing that pops into my mind is, "How is this going to look to my mother?" Losing a parent is tough, I know, I lost my father 3 years ago, but you don't just wild out because of that parent's death. He's gotta find some way to cope, and not act out.

  2. Well the racial slur in that online tweet was certainly inappropriate and disgusting. Whoever wrote it doesn't make himself/herself look better than Kanye in the end.
    That said, an asshole is an asshole. I think we might be reaching to say that Kanye's "assholery" was exacerbated by the death of his mother. I'm just not one of those people that feels like he was less of a jerk before his mother's death than afterwards. He was always...a jerk.

  3. @Taron: True, he's always been a jerk, but his jerkery (yeah, I made at that up) seemed to intensify a few notches after his mother's death. It's like he said, "Oh you don't like me, well lemme give you something to hate me even more." Like he's trying to outdo the unlikeable factor with each stunt.

  4. To blame his behavior, specifically this incident on grieving from the death of his mother is just pathetic. What little respect I had for the dude is gone. I dont think he realized the scope of what he did, probably until the President of the most powerful nation in the world called him a jackass. I have been sick of this dudes routine for a couple of years and he deserves almost everything he gets. Some of the twitter comments are extremely racist and brutal. Kanye is officially the most hated black man in america, I think 99% of the population would rather sit next to a dude with a turban making religious chants on a plane then next to Kanye..................There's an old saying "the same people you pass on the way up, are the same people you pass on the way down........................

  5. Now, I never said his mother's death was his sole reason for acting stupid, but I do believe that some of that adds to his his f*ckery.

  6. Well I hear both you guys
    I just feel really embarrassed, disgusted and awe-struck (all at the same time) lol. Once upon a time people like Kanye worked hard "backpacking" around NYC trying to get put on while being rejected constantly. Back then he was overlooked, treated unfairly and looked at transparently because he wasn't "in", but he kept working and remained patient until he got his turn at wheel.
    ...Then he achieved "success" and overlooks others, and treats them as unfairly and transparently as he once was treated not long ago. That's really sorry.
    "Do unto others..."

  7. Um... I really don't understand why you went off on that looooong tangent about politics, or what it had to do with you not bringing up the whole kanye/taylor scandal. Yes, kanye almost made black folk look like a fool, but you forgot that beyonce made up for that with her classiness. From what i have seen and experienced, no one judges me or mine based on kanye or lil wayne's behavior. So, for the lack of a better term... NEGROE PLEASE!!!!!!!

  8. as far as the plethora of racist tweets, yes Kanye was wrong but did it really call for all the racist remarks, and THAT amount of venom and hatred????..makes one think thats how alot of none black folks REALLY feel right underneath the surface, and it doesn't take much to provoke it.

  9. @Taron I completely agree with you. In fact, I wrote a whole article about your last comment on my site. I wrote it in a joking way but I believe there is some truth to the , "I got bullied, now I'll bully someone" mentality.
    @Soulrific I also think that his mother passing and him not grieving properly only intensified who he already was/is so I agree with you as well. He is an only child so I can't imagine how tough it was. I have two brothers and a mother that helped me grieve my fathers death and that was very difficult. My prayers are with him regarding seeking help, closure and counseling to deal with his emotions.
    I am curious of one thing.....Would the backlash be so tough if this had done this to one of his musical genre peers? Secondly, people view what Beyonce did as her being a savior or classy. I do think it was a great gesture but I think we are giving her way too much credit. Someone said she didn't have to do it but I disagree. If we remove the warm fuzzies we feel for her from our stomachs for only a second we will realize that Beyonce is a "Brand" first and foremost. Her allowing Taylor to come on stage was completely calculated and while she probably did feel bad for Taylor, her "Brand" was at stake. To keep from going down with Kanye in flames she had no choice. Furthermore, if it was impromptu, why would Taylor already be backstage. I'm just sayin'
    P.S. I love this site and the writers!!

  10. @Stephanie: You re definitely correct in saying that it was all about preserving "the brand". Sure, I think she may have felt bad about what took place, but I do believe that it was a calculated move to remove herself from Kanye's antics. God forbid the Blood of the Lamb not shed herself in a positive light.

  11. Sorry folks but he doesn't represent ALL black people, certainly not me. He shouldn't be called racial slurs but I think most people agree that his behavior was very inexcusable. And Soulrific, please don't give him a pass because his mother died. That is a slap in the face to all who have lost a parent. You grieve in your own way and it's not by making a ditz of yourself on national TV. He is a loser and has always been. And his actions on Sunday just further solified his d!ckhead status.

  12. Jennifer, nobody is giving him a pass. I never said people should take it easy with him because his mother died. I said his way of coping helped to add to his already piss poor behavior.

  13. I think this verse from Ice Cubes classic song Be True To the Game sums up our gayfish .
    When you first start rhyming
    It started off slow and then you start climbing
    But it wasn't fast enough I guess
    So you gave your other style a test
    You was hardcore hip-hop
    Now look at yourself, boy you done flip-flopped
    Giving our music away to the mainstream
    Don't you know they ain't down with the team
    They just sent they boss over
    Put a bug in your ear and now you crossed over
    On MTV but they don't care
    They'll have a new nigga next year
    You out in the cold
    No more white fans and no more soul
    And you might have a heart attack
    When you find out the black folks don't want you back
    And you know what's worse?
    You was just like the nigga in the first verse
    Stop selling out your race
    And wipe that stupid-ass smile off your face
    Niggas always gotta show they teeth
    Now I'm a be brief
    Be true to the game

  14. It has been said that papa Knowles put together the whole Taylor Beyonce moment since he was backstage when it happened. No matter how it was done I'm just glad that it was done.

  15. First of all I love Kanye's music and I still will. When I first saw Kanye's disrespect of Taylor Swift I thought it was a joke or some kind of stunt for the show. I have to be honest I thought it was funny because I was shocked that she won the award. After I saw how hurt she was and realized he was serious I was upset and angry about his behaviour because that was a huge moment for her. Regardless, I don't feel that anybody no matter what they do should be called the n-word or any other racial slur. I think people need to look at a person's actions and comment on that insted of making a comment on their race as if what ever stupid thing someone does is because of their race. Also , people who make tweets like the one above are no better than Kanye and Taylor would probably be embarrassed to have such racist idiots as fans.

  16. Allright Soulrific. You must be getting mad cuz you starting to bold names and stuff, lol

  17. Damn who would have thought Cube was a Nastradamus..............BE TRUE TO THE GAME:)

  18. Jennifer, I never once got mad. Not sure if you've ever seen me comment on Soulbounce before, but I bold names when I'm talking directly to someone. I've been doing that for years online to let a person know that I"m speaking directly to them, and not to someone who may have posted after that person.

  19. He was stupid and rude, that's all. He's not the spawn of Satan, he's just another self-important privileged fool who earns enough money (for himself and others), to afford the freedom to do whatever he pleases without anyone rebuking him for his idiocy (anyone watch a certain interview this week; he's not alone in that weakness), problem is, he does it in public like the big spoiled tantrum-throwing, stating the obvious, drama-loving baby he is and now everyone's rebuking him!. The point is; it IS a game.
    The Tweet poison is just another way of whining anonymously for those who would not have the nerve to spew their filth out loud, doesn't matter HOW they launder that trash; everyone knows it's still garbage. It's surely no surprise, the world will always have its halfwit morons. You were not in denial, you live in the real world, they are the anomaly.

  20. Soulrificc: Yes, I've posted here numerous times before and am a FAITHFUL SB reader. Calm down baby, I was just j/k. I even put "lol" at the end of my last comment to show that it wasn't all that serious. It's all gravy sweetness:)

  21. Tthe problem lies in the fact that we feel like we own Kanye. Like the author said "I am not happy that people feel they have free reign to insult Black people when one of our own decides to act a damn fool." For example, what if the rhetoric or the dynamic was changed? What if instead of saying black people need to defend black people's actions, we said men need to defend men's actions. No one says because Kanye is a man he represents all other men's actions. Neither one is ok, because it makes an entire group of people feel responsible for bearing the brunt of his actions. We should never have to defend someone else's actions because that's their job. "And I am sincerely not happy when I have to defend myself from the actions of one dumb person." We don't speak for the entire race of black people and neither does Kanye, just like he doesn't speak of the entire music industry, males, people who are grieving, etc.

  22. In my opinion, the person who tweeted that voided their opinion and insult when they decided to have bad spelling.

  23. whom ever said kanye is a nigger we know that. could you have found another word maybe like Asshole ect.


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