The Revelations & Tré Williams Have A Story To ‘Tell’

Here's what I love about The Revelations, which features Tré Williams: all of their songs tell a story. I mean, with Tré's velvety voice as the vessel, the story is always prominent. That's what made them Bounce-Worthy a little less than a year ago, and what keeps them on our radar today. Well, if you're fans of the band, it's your time to rejoice at the news that a new full-length album will be ready for release on October 6th entitled The Bleeding Edge. The disc will contain all 7 songs from last year's Deep Soul EP, as well as 8 more original tracks. The first single, "How Do I Tell Him," was released late last week, and as with all of their material, it tells a story, this time about a man who's creepin' with his best friend's lady. In the hands of Tré and the fellas, if it were a book, it would definitely be a best-seller. Peep the visuals below. And get ready for The Revelations featuring Tré Williams, as they are about to blow up.

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  1. Dude sounds alot like Anthony Hamilton but I still like this dude's style, I'm a support the brother and his group.........