The Roots’ Video For ‘How I Got Over’ Takes It To The Streets

It seems The Roots chose for the minimalist approach with their video for "How I Got Over," the first single from their project that, at latest count, is due in stores next February. The clip shows a wheelchair-bound young man, armed with a cassette tape and boom box, making his way through "where he grew up." Brief appearances by Black Thought and Questlove can't take away from the real star of the video: the New York City streets. I uttered a quick "awww" when I saw the dog halfway through, and jumped back from the screen a bit when New York's Finest showed up. But overall, a nice clip that gives those watching a view of the surroundings from which the youngster wants to get over.

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3 Responses

  1. Personally, this has me feeling extremely positive about the rest of the album. This song reassures me that there are still creative juices flowing and that the consciousness is flowing and not forced. Marfield-esk in the vocal arrangement and delivery of Black Thought, the chorus is catchy and real. The musicality and composition is there and on point. This is going to be...if this continues...the first song in a while that America and Europe lose their shit over...and I for one can not wait.

  2. I meant Curtis Mayfield-esk*

  3. Yo, this man is extremely talented


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