West + Gaga’s ‘Fame Kills’ Tour Trailer Takes Itself Very Seriously

At the MTV VMAs Lady Gaga had a bird's nest on her face and her performance involved blood-play, and we all know (and are tired of hearing about) what happened with Kanye. But there were a lot of mitigating egos at the show diluting their purest forms. So, how do two functioning narcissists advertise their concert tour, Fame Kills? By shooting video of themselves attempting to blur the lines between popular music and high art. See, because that's what Super 8 film, partial-nudity (plus racialized sexual imagery for added edginess), and a disembodied audio snippet signifies. You know, not just buy some tickets to our concerts. Get it? Disco Stick and Auto-Tune are totally geniuses.

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3 Responses

  1. Was that supposed to draw people in to come to their concerts? If so, it missed the mark. At least by my standards.

  2. Was that it? didn't get it at all. Why is Kanye touring with Lady GaGa anyway?

  3. O_O. That's it? 2 crazy artists going on tour and we get this?!


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