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To say that anyone who frequents this website doesn't have some heartfelt memory of a Darryl Hall & John Oates song would only prove that you've either been living in a cave for the past 30 years or that you were literally born yesterday. Their influence has touched upon most popular music genres (click here to see what I mean). But heartfelt memories are what this soulful duo from the City of Brotherly Love provided, several times over. To commemorate Do What You Want, Be What You Are:The Music of Daryl Hall & John Oates, the "definitive" four disc anthology of their work, we here at SoulBounce felt it would only be apropos to run down our favorite tracks by these indisputable bastions of Blue-Eyed Soul.


Harlem -- "Everytime You Go Away"
To me, this was the ultimate Yeah-you-left-me-and-see-what-you've-done-to-me song back in the 80s. True story. Being a teenager and experiencing so many "true loves" kept this ballad on repeat on my cassette player. Who couldn't relate to the angst that was "you take a piece of me with you"? And in the intro when Hall, who was always on point, said "picking up the pieces..." Yeah. I was hooked. This was like my anthem.

Butta -- "One On One"
I adore everything about this song. Even someone who isn't into sports can appreciate the lyrical content and want to seek out someone for a little one-on-one on the court of love. Daryl Hall's voice hits the highs and lows with ease. And the sax solo bridge? Short and sweet. It's not a game when this one comes on. (Sidebar: They totally should have included this in the movie Love & Basketball.)

Ro -- "Rich Girl"
When I think about it this is probably the only Hall & Oates song that matters to me. I really enjoy the syncopated breeziness of the rhythm and how appropriately cutting and germane it is when Hall says "it's a bitch, girl." Because it is. I won't pretend like I grew up knowing what the hell they were singing about but I knew that I dug the chorus and that it don't matter anyway.

huny -- "Maneater"
This is one of those quintessential '80s songs. The saxophone, that dry kick, the casio keyboard - it's effing cheesy. And amazing. As a little girl, pre-destined for bad assness, I never wanted to be the "Lady in Red" or even a "P.Y.T". Rather I enjoyed the idea of being that irresistible girl that eats boys for breakfast. Don't get me started on the dominant female archetype I grew up idolizing. Plus, it has one of the most instantly recognizable melodies of any 80's song. You cannot NOT bop to it or resist singing along. Watch out boy!

Fave -- "I Can't Go for That"
I cannot listen to this song and NOT sing-a-long...ESPECIALLY during the bridge. This song held its own during my
discovery of Hip Hop and when De La Soul sampled it in "Say No Go," I
realized Hip Hop had re-discovered it. More importantly (to me), this
song was my anthem for days I was being "twice as nice" while love
continued to lodge its foot in my...oh wait, what were we talking

ill Mami -- "Private Eyes"
Trying to choose a favorite Hall & Oates track is like asking me to pick a favorite child of mine. Since I'm in more of a mood for song with an upbeat tempo from the songs mentioned above, right now I'll pick "Private Eyes". So much of this song and its video remind me of watching MTV back when it wanted you to want it so badly. Great harmonies and a damn-near-perfect Pop song.

Let us know what your favorite Hall & Oates songs are in the comments.

Hall & Oates Do What You Want, Be What You Are: The Music of Daryl Hall & John Oates [Amazon][iTunes]

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15 Responses

  1. Mine has to be 'Sara Smile'.
    It is one of the best soul songs ever recorded. It has a down and dirty, bluesy feel to it. It's one of those songs I can listen to over and over and never tire of it. I think my favorite verse is Daryl Hall's soft declaration to Sara (his actual girlfriend that he wrote the song for):
    "If you feel like leaving
    You know you can go
    But why don't you stay
    Until tomorrow?
    And if you want to be free
    All you got to do is say so"
    Telling her she is free to go, but pleading with her to stay. Gotta love it. Who knew Daryl Hall was such a 'mac-daddy'? Ha!
    I have Hall & Oates Greatest Hits collection. 30 songs of pure bliss.
    Thanks SB for the trip down memory lane.

  2. I too love Sara Smile. My second favorite Hall & Oates song is She's Gone. As soon as the first verse kicks in:
    Everybody's high on consolation
    Everybody's trying to tell me what's right for me...

    I am in a zone! All I need is a good glass of merlot.

  3. I really can't name an absolute favorite but the first song to pop in my head was "Sara Smile" and then "Method of Modern Love" which had to grow on me but became a fave. Pretty much anything H&O made I loved. Reminds me of my childhood.

  4. @chynadoll I realized a couple of months ago Daryl Hall's "mac-daddy" tendencies with his lyrics to "One on One":
    "You can't tell me you don't miss me girl
    I think I might know you too well
    Wonder what you'd say if you knew that I was coming tonight
    Want to? I want you can't you tell"
    Hearing him woo this girl throughout the song and the low key arrangement of this song makes it a classic.
    I love all the songs listed so my contribution would be Method of Modern Love. Another great arrangement and I can close my eyes and remember the video.
    In 1993 I was too pressed to get Daryl Hall's solo project, "Soul Alone" and "I'm in a Philly Mood" is on my iPod.

  5. I'm quite excited about this collection. Even though I have a handful of albums by H&O that kind of cover the surface of the collection, but the rare tracks are reeling me in for a purchase.
    On the subject of song choice, it's a toughy, as I love a lot of songs they've recorded but I'm going with "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" as the all-timer. That groove is just too infectious, I have to sing that song whenever I hear it. But "One on One" and "Method Of Modern Love" are following close behind as other top favorites.

  6. Favorite is a toss up between "Sarah Smile" and "Private Eyes." Saw them in concert 2 years ago and their energy is crazy. This is a must have box set.

  7. I have so many favorites, "One on One", "Sara Smile", "Rich Girl", "I Can't Go for That", etc.
    "Adult Education" is great too; it's so darn funky! I love it

  8. "I too love Sara Smile. My second favorite Hall & Oates song is She's Gone. As soon as the first verse kicks in:
    Everybody's high on consolation
    Everybody's trying to tell me what's right for me...
    I am in a zone! All I need is a good glass of merlot."
    Soulrific, I am in that same zone!!! Sara Smile and She's Gone are my heart's favorites, too, in that order.

  9. Love them! Sara Smile, One on One, Maneater...the list goes on and on. I can't wait to head home and buy this off iTunes.

  10. How can I forget Say It Isn't So???

  11. I love Hall & Oates! Rich Girl and I can't go for that are probably my favorites.

  12. Sara Smile will always be my favorite because my first true love said it reminded him of me. Ah, youth. SB, we need a H&O mix, stat!

  13. I have to get my hands on the four disc set. I love Hall & Oates. And like someone said on one of those VH1 shows "All iPods should come preloaded with Hall & Oates". This is so true.
    My favorite song is "Open All Night" from "H2O". That song is so sick. I love it. Close second would be "She's Gone" ..."I'd pay the devil to replace her"...argh. I have always loved that line in that song.

  14. All classic joints, and I can't belive I've lived this long and only heard the J&O version of "Everytime you go away" today. The Paul Young cover was the one I knew best. Sara Smile, I Can't Go For That, Kiss on My List, were my faves a kid, still hold up today. So, if I pick up this set, will I hear Oates sing lead for once?

  15. I have loved every song that they have ever recorded, are you giving away tickets for there show next week?


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