Bounce-Worthy: Bradd Marquis

I try to stay away from the homogenized production and oversexed lyrics of today's manufactured R&B. Instead, I'm always in search of crooners with vocal finesse that preserves the sexy of my favorite genre. When I was introduced to Bradd Marquis, I was instantly impressed with his balance of grit and passion that seems to come instinctively. His single, "Radio," demonstrates the sincerity of a man who wants you to move your feet while savoring his sound. His soulful rendition of Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You" brought the house down at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, further proving he has what it takes to carry the R&B torch. Experience his audio flow for yourself and be sure to peep his Showtime at the Apollo performance, too.

Bradd Marquis: "Radio"

Bradd Marquis [MySpace][Twitter]

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7 Responses

  1. This brotha is the truth! Y'all should hear him sing some Sam Cooke..he's bad! 'Radio' is my jam!

  2. All Love to the SoulBounce world!!

  3. Thank you Soulbounce! This mans voice is simply beautiful. Raw,sexy & passionate.

  4. wow, aint nuthin' like a man can SANG!!!!...aint too many people can flex with Donny plus, i think he kinda fly, with an even FLYER name...*wink*...Brad, you have just garnered yourself a bonafied admirer, let me know if you ever need some background vox...

  5. OK Fave. I clicked play and began scrolling down the page, then that brother hit that first note in imagine and my mouse went **sccceeeeerch! I had to put my mouse in reverse to read this brother's name again. Great find! what up IM!!! Hey butta!!! Good work Fave.

  6. he's definitely got the pipes, but i've always hated that song "Imagine"... it contradicts itself... how can man find peace if there's only sky above us??...God is Peace. i can't imagine no Heaven, yet i agree we should not be divided by religions. also, u can't be living for today in a dream state cuz just look at the situation in Haiti... peace comes through action.

  7. mii kuziin iz da besst ii luvz hiim


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