Bounce-Worthy: Mocky


I noticed the other day that my toes were cold. This may seem a rather weird way to start a post on a music website, but those of you whose musical moods change with the seasons know exactly what I'm hinting at. Chances are that you are no longer pining for the 90-plus BPM sound that populated your eardrums this past summer. Let me give you a taste of the sound that your ear holes may be craving right about now in the form of producer Mocky.

His sound is one that evokes long lost memories and longing for adventures you have never taken all at the same time. It's as though Wes Montgomery, Kruder & Dormeister and Jamiroquai all got together an spawned him from their overly creative thoughts. Listening to the tracks below from his latest Saskamodie, for example, puts in my mind all things Sesame Street, kicking leaves in Central Park and cruising up the California coast, the latter being something I have never done. But I shall. And when I do, Mocky will be my constant companion.

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9 Responses

  1. Is this the same Mocky known for his remixes?

  2. Wow, this sounds sooo good. Man, yall are really on it over there at souldbounce! Keep on keepin on!

  3. Cool. Thanks for including this. Had no idea from his remixes that his own work would sound like this.

  4. completely and totally entranced by the "birds of a feather remix". i'm very partial to a remix he did a few years for isolee's cut "it's about." wasn't so much a remix as it was a total reworking of the song. funky electro midtempo type thing: mocky called it "it's about my sh*t." a fun cut, if you can find it.
    but the two joints offered here...grown yet playful. i like it...

  5. wow SB, you are always getting me up on something wonderful.

  6. Mocky has been then the man. I love the inclusion of all incarations/tributes of/to soul music soulbounce features. Keep it coming.

  7. dope transcendent sweetness. you gotta do that coast. thank you for sharing this. your giving soul is being duly blessed. you are something special.

  8. Damn - i got goosepimples listening to this.