Boyz II Men Sing Their Way To ‘Love’ With Their Latest Single

If you haven't noticed, I'm a Boyz II Men stan. I've been this way since Cooleyhighharmony and it's never going to change. They could sing nursery rhymes backwards in Cantonese and I'd buy five copies of the album--well, maybe just four. Thankfully, their upcoming album, Love, will be released next month in English. This album features classic love songs, from various genres, drenched in their incomparable harmony. Their cover of Chicago's 1976 hit, "If You Leave Me Now," captures all the emotions of the original pop ballad while incorporating that unique vibe only Nate, Shawn and Wanya can deliver. Play this track to discover what putting your heart on the table sounds like and be sure to get the fellas take on the Love project after the bounce.

After the bounce

My prayer is that the new generation of young R&B thundercats are taking notes on how it's really done.

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4 Responses

  1. 20 years in the biz;they are legends.
    I would buy just for the If You Leave Me Now cover. But I do want to hear Boyz II Men's own songwriting again. I would also like to see them collaborate with the new school soul singers Yahzarah & the bunch.

  2. Don't care for the song, but their voices are still like butter. Waiting for another original album from BIIM.

  3. now that is sweet. thanks for wishing this into existence, baby. lol!

  4. i've always loved this song && now iLove it even more!! =) thanks for sharing.