Chali 2na & Beenie Man Take Us On An ‘International’ Trip

I have been succumbing to a rash of irritation lately, and it's been manifesting itself in my desire to go somewhere, anywhere, as quickly as possible. Given that my beloved Jamaican isle is no longer able to be flown to on a direct flight (thanks, Air Jamaica!), all I can do is dream about my ancestral island home. Thanks to Chali 2na and Beenie Man, I can relive my past exploits and dream of future adventures by watching the video for "International." Given that Jamaica has the best radio stations that I have ever heard in my entire life, I imagine that this track is burning it up over there. Props to Chali for another great video from his latest album, Fish Outta Water.

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2 Responses

  1. I haven't not been following J5's crew lately, but I'm surprised and happy Chali's putting out a solo joint. This track's infectious!

  2. Those kids are so cute....nice video...very different from the main stream.