Dionne Bromfield Will Be Great, Or So Her God-‘Mama Said’

How do you know you'll have every opportunity to be great? Well, if you're 13-year old Dionne Bromfield, you know because your godmother Amy Winehouse says so. Indeed, with the (literal) backing of Winehouse, young Bromfield took the stage on the BBC1 show Strictly Come Dancing last week and belted out The Shirelles classic, "Mama Said." With a voice beyond her years (attribute its slightly being off-key to nerves and the bright lights of the studio audience), the pretty youngster, whom Amy calls her best friend, certainly has a bright future. Her debut album, Introducing Dionne Bromfield, hits stores today. Check the clip below, and after the bounce for her promotional video.

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3 Responses

  1. I appreciate the classics of the 50's, 60's 70's etc., but this retro craze in music must cease! God forbid 30-40 years from now people are re-rediscovering auto tune and putting out T-Pain remakes.

  2. I like her. She's cute. I hope she can find her voice independent of Amy though. Ms. Winehouse still looks a bit out of it.

  3. No Amy looks straight cracked-out!! But dionne still sounds nice! lol