Get Your ‘Heels’ Knocked Off, Now With Visual Aids

If there is ever a term that I have come to loathe, besides "swagger," it's "grown and sexy." It's not that I'm trying to be a hypocrite because I've used it when appropriate, though sparingly, when necessary. It's just that "grown and sexy" has been interpreted by some of us who are in the mature age range as all that can include sex and tackiness simultaneously. And with that description, I present to you the video for H-Town and--for all intents and purposes--Jodeci with their puzzling collaboration "Knockin' Your Heels." Surprisingly, K-Ci is the only one who looks as though he can pull the whole situation off. Every else seems to look as though they're minutes away from reaching for some Advil since we all know how tender backs can be as we get older when crawling all over hot young thangs. All of this nostalgia really makes me yearn for some sad, love-sick, depressed Mary J. Blige. Sigh.

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8 Responses

  1. Why does DeVante look like a lost member of Bone Thugs N Harmony? Ain't none of these dudes aging well. AARP game proper!

  2. Oh, and I agree with you. Can we please denounce "Grown & Sexy". That played out in '98, along with those long ass suit coats for men.

  3. this disturbs the sexy. you know it does.
    these brothers need to take it easy. if history is any indication, K-Ci ain't helping none of them should their back give out and they fall on the floor.

  4. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but Devante Swang looks like he's been doing some kind of drug. Or maybe he just hasn't aged well like some of you said. All I can say is, WOW!!

  5. None of these cats have aged gracefully, that aside the voices are still there, I think they should unite and make a super group, neither will push a vast amount of any perspective albums. I like the way Shazam and K-Ci's voice complement each other. Devante and K-Ci have both had drug issues in the past, hopefully those are in the past, my only question is in his own group Jodeci, Mr. Dalvin didnt do anything, now in a mass group is he really needed at all? drop this cat become a four man group and keep it moving.

  6. I really wanted this song to be a come-back and a come-up for JoDeCi, but uh....NO. Not feeling it or the visuals....I hope this is a pre-curso, though, of them pulling themseleves together in the right way. I miss them....
    and in the words of Rick James (RIP), "Cocaine is a powerful drug." DeVante looks horrendous! He was adorable before, but he looks really, really bad now. i am glad that KCi and JoJo are looking better though becuase the last coiple times I saw them, they were looking drunnk and high, too.

  7. All I can say is maybe they did not have aged gracefully but if you just pay attention to the music...
    It's been a while since I've heard the good 90's R&B and mostly for the second part of the video, the music just "remind me of something", bump and grind sound like I use to love it

  8. Thank you LORD. I am so happy to see the young brotha's back out here working. I am a fan no matter what they go through. Pray for them. Stop bashing and lets pray. It is easy to bring a man down but so hard for us to help them up. I love you all. "AMEN