Harlem’s Own: Favorite Weekend Songs

It's the weekend. You've worked all week, and now it's time to tackle the other jobs that keep you busy, whether it's running errands or performing household chores, or afterward, just relaxing. I find it important to keep a soundtrack for those days, one that will ensure I remain sane until the work is done. After the bounce are some of my weekend songs for your review. Granted, there's only four, but the tracks by Etta James, Anita Baker, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, and Maroon 5 is a very tasty sampling as to how I get down on my days "off." Take a listen, and then let me know in the comments what songs are a "must have" for your weekend forays.

Etta James "Sunday Kinda Love"

This is the perfect song to listen to while running errands on a crisp, sunny day. It not only fills you with hope and passion, it gives you reason to get your karaoke on...while you're alone in the car, anyway. Put it on. I dare you not to be singing along by the second chorus. One of Etta's best (please don't touch it, Bey).

Anita Baker "Just Because"

After you've come home from running errands, this is the perfect track to put on the refocus on whatever task you have ahead. Anita's voice (I joked the other day about how much I love her and her non-vowel singing self) is an elixir of the gods, providing a calming influence that you can enjoy at your leisure. And really, who can resist a song about a love that exists for all the right reasons? Not me.

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong "Dream A Little Dream of Me"

These two sound great together. And made music during the days when collaborations made sense. They did it to make great music and to get paid. Listen closely to how much fun they're having, which could easily coincide with how much fun you could have doing your weekend chores...if you're listening to Ella and Louis, that is.

Maroon 5 "Sunday Morning"

For me, the ultimate weekend song. It just takes me back to the time I lived in Los Angeles, and the lazy Sunday mornings that spilled over into the whole day. In bed, tackling the crossword puzzle from the paper, sipping on your favorite beverage and just chillin' out. The fact that the version below is the demo, which is much more laid back than the album cut, makes it that much more perfect. Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks Harlem! Credibly referencing classic jazz just sent your stock way up in my eyes. Anything my fellow VA native Ella recorded is classic...but that collaboration with Satchmo has always been a favorite! And let's not even get into Etta! Great taste bruh, Great taste...