I’m Not Supposed To Like Lady Gaga, Right?

I will freely admit that I have tried to get into this Lady Gaga person for some time. Whenever there's a new Pop phenomenon, I will always give it a chance. Up until now, I never saw anything from her that spoke to me, although I understood what some people might see in her. I'm not sure if my ignorance of her work has been for naught, but I do know that I really am digging her performance from Saturday Night Live this past weekend. I mean, for starters she's performing in a gyroscope corset. Secondly, she goes on to perform a medley of her hits still clad in said prop from a future Science Fiction horror movie while pushing it apart to adeptly play the piano and sing...rather well I might add. It may have been interesting to see what she and Kanye on tour may have accomplished had it not been cancelled. I'm not saying that I'm digging her like that yet since I'm still not forgetting this. But I'm keeping my eye on her. 

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2 Responses

  1. I totally agree. She's authentically talented and the tour would have been something to remember.

  2. I am not necessarily a fan of some of her songs, but after seeing her sing one of them live acoustically I could not deny the voice on her. Her singing voice is fabulous, and I must respect that, though I don't dig her songs per se...