Jazz-Hands Meets B-Boy Stance: Run-DMC Explores Musical Theatre

If it was possible to pre-order tickets to a Broadway musical based on reports of a concept, I'd consider getting some to the Run-DMC show in development. Because if ever there were an occasion to eulogize Hip-Hop this just might be it. And I want to pay my respects.

According to Variety, Rev Run and DMC are going to scout Broadway's current offerings with a producer sometime in the near future. Watch out, In The Heights! Obviously it will be about the group's rise to fame in some capacity, which is irrefutably a very compelling tale. (And definitely among the more sellable in the history of Hip Hop, frankly.) One can only hope that it is peppered with outlandishly big musical numbers, and at least one show-stopping number belted with moxie by an actor in a Kangol, some shell-tops, and a dookie chain who's portraying Russell Simmons.

"Wagner in-tune with Run DMC" [Variety]

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  1. This maybe interesting. Daryl and Joe working together again?? Hmmmm