Melanie Fiona’s ‘Subway Series’ Is A Breath Of Fresh (NYC) Air

Impossible as this may be to believe, my love for Melanie Fiona grows by the day. Never have I seen an artist do as much creative promotion for a project as she has for The Bridge, which will be officially released here in the US digitally on iTunes next week and physically next month. Recently, again in promotion of the album, she took to the streets and subways of New York, re-creating songs from her tracklist while collaborating with some of the many gifted street performers the city has to offer. Of course her voice sounds amazing, and coupled with these beatmakers, everything's taken to another level. Let me find out the Canadian cutie loves New York like those old commercials. Heh. Click play below and enjoy.


7 Responses

  1. Really feeling this.
    and damn she is beautiful, no wonder ?uestlove's been getting his softstalk on.

  2. Rare 2 see artists being creative these days so this is great.
    Very Cool.

  3. A breath of fresh air in this day when too many artists are more studio performers as opposed to live performers. Will def get her album when it drops - hurry up already!!!

  4. I love it! it's so fresh and new! It is NY. Big up to my Man Freddy on the steel pan. I will get Melanie's album.

  5. very dope. True artistry there!

  6. Yo Melanie....You couldn't do this @ Kennedy Stn? Or Kipling star????? LOL


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