Mélissa Laveaux’s Got Me ‘Crazy In Love’ All Over Again

In the wrong hands a cover Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love" could result in a tragedy reserved for the deepest annals of music online. Thankfully, in the capable talents of Canadian singer and musician Mélissa Laveaux the song sounds really unlike itself in a totally refreshing way. Re-imagined by Mocky, even the most recognizable elements of the song are unexpected. At times Laveaux sounds like a less manic Macy Gray only to shed that comparison in her delicate harmonies and intonations moments later. She flits through the lyrics in a way that gives them a different life than the backdrop to booty-shaking the original provided. A wonderful cover.

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5 Responses

  1. She did that...NYCE!

  2. Great composition, and the pace is infectious. Arranged like a proper remix, and not as pretenious as the original song (and video)...which was arranged like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie over the top...
    Clearly I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who wasn't a huge fan of the original this point I can't tell if it was the song itself, or the payola-level of spins it got.

  3. no bey hate, but that was crazy good. I want this.

  4. usually re-mixes ruin a heart-felt song by sexing it up with a fast beat & adding video ho's, but she did the exact opposite... and less is definitely more. a very soulful, smooth rendition.


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