Morning Soul: Microphone Checka

2 Responses

  1. Master P, if you can help enlighten the youth with better quality shows than a certain OTHER television channel that shows damn near nothing but crappy videos all damn day long, please do so.
    In fact, if you wanna show videos, show the ones by artists with some REAL talent, like Adriana Evans, Lina, Hil. St. Soul, Incognito and Peven Everett!
    Bob Johnson already has the credit for creating the first African-American-centric television channel, so you won't be able to "replace" him. However, some of us WOULD like you to take down Debra Lee's ass - she's hasn't done anything worthwhile since Bob Johnson stepped down as CEO.
    P.S.: I'm white.

  2. Im with you on Peven Everett thats my ish


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