Morning Soul: It’s Raining Men…Hallelujah!

  • Khandi Burruss' former fiancé Ashley "A.J." Jewell was murdered killed over the weekend in Atlanta. [BE]
  • Get caught up on some new and modern Jazz cats available now. [NPR]
  • A glimpse into what's probably covering the walls at Kanye West's crib. [NWS
  • Drake is up for 7 Grammy pre-nominations. We continue to be clueless as to why. [ATF]
  • Black Dynamite will likely get its own animated series. [LFF]
  • Michael Jackson is this month's Wax Poetics cover story. [MVT]

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4 Responses

  1. Damn, killed outside of a strip club. I sure hate it for him, but I know Kandi is glad that she broke off that engagement. Doesn't make her hurt any less, though.

  2. Afraid to say but many, refuse to give the brother Drake his due. The best you writer out there. Though in my opinion he the sky is the limit for this kid, he may need to seperate himself from that typical hip-hop crew, and image. But saying you're/you all are clueless as to why he would garner that many prenominations with your level of knowledge of the industry seems a bit obtuse. Do I agree he should get that But this dude can write, regardless of if his ghostwriting exploits are true or not. His management arc is definitely ahead of the curve given the dog whistle third rail of male rap/r&b: singer/rappers are lame...especially if they don't play an instrument (see wyclef).
    He seems to have avoided that quicksand.

  3. murdered??? wasnt he in a fist fight , mano -a mano? this wasnt some gang jump. That hardly classifies as murdered....Negligent homicide, maybe................

  4. You would be correct stoneyisland, they classified it as voluntary manslaughter, though I suspect neither of them planned on a deathmatch in a strip club parkinglot. An involuntary designation would I think be more apprpriate...unless of course bricks, 2X4's or foreign objects were a party.


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