Morning Soul: Sexy, Sexy, Sexy

  • Rumor has it that Mashonda has her eye and possibly other body parts on Idris Elba. Get in line, girlfriend. [HB]
  • Roxanne Shante finally admits to lying about having a PhD. That's cool, we stopped caring weeks ago. [TUD]
  • After lacing that non-singing broad Kim Zolciak up with a hit, this is the best that Kandi could do for herself? [MMDC]
  • Join us as we toast Honey Soul for five years of Soul music blogging and going out like a champ. Her voice in the blogosphere will be missed but at least she's still around. [HS]

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5 Responses

  1. Mashonda had better leave my Idris alone. I'll cut a trick!

  2. That photo of Kandi is so much hotter than that janky song.

  3. I happen to like Kandi's new single. Not groundbreaking, but it's a powerful statement, nonetheless. Who doesn't enjoy addressing the 'haters'? I also think the adage of ascending the toxicity of life, is something most of us would do well to remember. To be honest, I don't consider "Fly Above" any less significant than Whitney's "Million Dollar Bill", but ironically, we're exceedingly partial to the mediocrity of Whitney's current vocal state, simply because she was once 'the voice'. Basically, there are FAR worse songs, contaminating the airwaves, these days.
    Given the recent adversity Kandi has endured, I think a little less criticism wouldn't hurt.

  4. @ MuZik
    I never understood this type of reasoning. What does a song recorded months ago had to do with a recent personal tragedy? And why we can't keep the two separate? I also agree that the song's message is a powerful one, but that doesn't mean that the execution wasn't lackluster.

  5. @ ILL MAMI
    I never said it did. My point is, favortism and fairness are two seperate things. Yet, we tend to mutually involve the two, based on artist we hold an affinity for. You're correct, the execution isn't outstanding, but it also isn't THAT BAD.